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The Bunad Rose was named after a traditional Norwegian costume called "Bunad". We find on these clothes some flowers that we were inspired by. It is handmade on rare and precious fabrics made from cotton threads. A Bunad Rose embroidery represents two days of work.



The Rosemaling is inspired by a Norwegian rural art represented on paintings, vases or any other decorative element. Entirely composed of leather, this embroidery is handmade. A Rosemaling embroidery represents a day and a half of work.



Our composition Lappland was named after the word "Lapland". Its design is inspired by a traditional belt of the Sami people. Mainly made of leather pieces, it is also decorated with eyelets and rivets.



Our Sami composition is inspired by the codes and inspirations of the Lappland, this time in a graphic and simplified way. The middle band is made of woven cotton with leather edges.

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